Recent project highlights
Wood chipping plant, Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo2007-2008 Automation of a new ANDRITZ wood chipping operation for Eucalyptus Fibre Congo, a company in the forestry division of Mag Industries .
The operation includes log feeding, chipping, screening, re-chipping, stockpiling, reclaiming and ship loading. Programming / configuration of various PLCs and smart peripherals and a central SCADA system. photos
Lubrication oil blending, Durban2007 Monitoring and control of lubrication oil blending, pipeline transfers of oil and tank monitoring. Programming of various PLCs, interfacing with stand temperature controllers, weighbridges and mass flow meters. Programming of SCADA system with integrated database for archival, querying and reporting of transfers.
Resin and glass usage monitoring, Cape Town2006-2007 Monitoring of raw material usage and process conditions in a fibreglass spraying operation. Programming of a PLCs and SCADA system; interfacing with bar code reader and scale. Integrated database for recipe storage and production reporting.
Glass tempering furnace control, Durban2006-2007 Control of a glass tempering furnace. Programming of a PLCs and SCADA system. Control of heating zones, air flow, reciprocating conveyors, tempering sequence, recipe management and production reporting.
Automated jet engine test rig, Pretoria2006-2007 Automated control and data acquisition of a jet engine test rig. Airflow through the turbines, turbine speed & torque and position of a local air speed and direction monitor are controlled according to a test sequence stored in a spreadsheet. State variables are measured and archived for detailed off-line analysis.
Board cutter, Graaff Reinet2007 Interactive graphical entry and processing of complex board cutting schedules. Scripting in WinCC flexible was used to interactively and graphically enter complex board cutting recipes. Cutting of the recipe can be visualised as simulation or representation of cutting by a PLC connected to the system. During cutting the recipe is processed into simple sub-recipes which are read by the PLC. Recipes can be saved and retrieved as simple text files.
Batch control of automotive coating production, Durban2006-2007 Batch control, monitoring and reporting of the production of automotive coating resins. Programming of a PLCs and SCADA system.
Kinetics of polyesterification, Durban2007 Literature research and computer simulation used as basis for recommending process changes to reduce batch times.
Polymerisation reactor design verification, Durban2007 Original design was verified and compared with industry norms. Shortfalls were identified and process modifications formulated and implemented that counteract the shortfalls using a minimum of additional process hardware. Substantial increases in production capacity were achieved.
Generic chemical engineering for resin manufacturer, Durban2007 Generic chemical engineering such as participation in project teams, pipeline, heat exchanger, stripper, condenser design. Trouble shooting.
Development of a novel purification process for esterification distillate, Durban2007-2008 Development of a purification process for esterification distillate using forward osmosis, distillate pre-treatment and draw solution regeneration. Doctoral research project.
Transformer oil monitoring database, Durban1997-2008 Development and ongoing maintenance of a database application for the archival and reporting of transformer oil analysis data. Management of client information and scheduling of inspections.
Development and hosting of website, Durban2007-2008 Development, ongoing maintenance and hosting of a website for a transformer oil monitoring company.
Some of the above work was done in association with Abacus Automation, Industrial Control & Automation (ICA) and Specialised Electrical Components (SEC).