We are proud that our work has received Siemens User Forum awards for four consecutive years:
2004GPRS telemetrySoftware was developped which allows an industry standard S7-200 PLC connected to a standard GPRS modem, to establish an internet connection and exchange UDP telegrams. This was the first PLC telemetry system in which internet protocols were implemented in PLC software in stead of in proprietary microprocessor interfaces or customised modems.
2005Spinning discThe spinning disk demo kit was developed to show the ruggedness, speed and timing accuracy of S7-200 PLCs in motion control applications. The PLC and a row of 9 LEDs are mounted on a metal disk which is spun around by a stepper motor. As the disk spins the LEDs are switched on and off synchronised with the disk's position, in such a way that a text message appears. Switching takes place 3000 times a second. Pulses for the stepper motor drive are generated by the PLC and fed to the stepper motor drive via a slip ring on the drive shaft of the disk. No encoders are used. A helper application allows any windows font to be compiled into a PLC data block. Any static or dynamic message can be entered into the PLC software as a simple text string and will be displayed in the font of choice.
2006Detonator testingThe delay between triggering and ignition of detonators for mining and civil explosives is measured with a resolution of 10 micro seconds using an S7-200 PLC. Triggering and ignition are detected with a phototransistor. Delay between pulses and duration of pulses are measured. A group of synchronised measuring systems are connected to a central S7 300 PLC connected to a PC running WinCC flexible. Test batches are statistically analysed, archived (in an MSDBE database) and reported with scripting in WinCC flexible and active server pages which are displayed in an HTML browser window in WinCC flexible. Intranet access to the data and is provided via active server pages hosted on the standard windows Internet Information Server on the WinCC flexible PC. The client's management information system accesses the test data via a connection to the MSDBE database.
2007Board cutter Scripting in WinCC flexible was used to interactively and graphically enter complex board cutting recipes. Cutting of the recipe can be visualised as simulation or representation of cutting by a PLC connected to the system. During cutting the recipe is processed into simple sub-recipes which are read by the PLC. Recipes can be saved and retrieved as simple text files.
All award winning projects were done in association with Abacus Automation.